These are EVPs captured at our original location in Gettysburg. New EVPs coming from St. Augustine soon!

Listen to the EVPs we've caught on our own investigations!  YOU WILL HEAR THEM MORE CLEARLY WITH HEADPHONES ON!  These are almost entirely unedited audio. The only changes we will ever make to our audio would be to turn up the volume so the EVPs are easier to hear.

We ask, Do you like us being here? Around 3-4 seconds you will hear either "Hell No" or simply "No"
This is very cool! You will hear a bell, then around 4 seconds you will hear a whisper that say "Hi"
Are you injured? Then at around 4 seconds you will hear "Five"
What's your name is asked. Around 2 seconds we hear "Aunt Kathy"
Are you a union or confederate soldier? Around 7 seconds you will hear "Confed"
We ask, how old are you? There are two answers in this one at 11 seconds and 13 seconds. You will hear "Twenty-Five" and then "Thirty"
Another awesome EVP! Were you shot is asked. Then around 6-7 seconds listen closely and you clearly hear "Shotgun"
Spirit says "north" right before investigator asks..
Where are you from?  "south"
Tell us your name. ""we're together"
Spirit says "we are all even".  Then different random responses. Can you make them out?
Do you like us being here?  "I do".
Tell us your name?  "Jonathan".  Are you buried here "five".  Were you a soldier here?  "no way".  Spirits trying very hard to communicate.
What's your name?  "Diana"
Any wounded men here?  "no"  "the light"  Any spirits here?  "They are"
Did you die on July 3rd?  "death"  "Time to wake up".
Are there any soldiers here with us?  "20, 15".

Who is the president of the US?  The spirits are very confused here.  "Obama", "Lincoln"  "Obama"  "Lincoln"  "Obama"  "Lincoln".  Why are you here?  "Need help"

Can you turn a skeptic into a believer?  "I promise"  Many responses.  do you have a message?  "yes".

"help"  Are you from the north or the south?  "South"

After asking for someone to give us their age at 10 seconds you'll hear a response of "yes"
Immediately you will hear the spirit say "I'm dead" through the spirit box
Our investigator says he sees a light then a voice over the spirit box says "go now"
Susan says she will be quiet for the spirits to talk at 5 seconds a voice says "interesting" through the spirit box
After asking if someone is injured around 8 seconds you will hear "please!"
After Susan says she'll give the spirits time to talk at about 7 seconds she gets a reply of "go to hell"
Directly after asking if the spirit is a child there is an answer of a clear "no" through the spirit box
A male voice saying "look south"
Listen carefully for a voice saying "gotcha"
After our investigator says her right leg feels cold around 4 seconds a male voice says "there's the blood"
Our investigator asks if they have a message for us and at 7 seconds you will hear a reply of "yes"
After seeing a shadow I hear a voice around 3 seconds saying "I got you" and respond thinking it was a team member
EVP caught by a client at Sach's bridge. You can clearly hear a spirit saying "hey" right before the client asks the question, "Is there anybody here that wants to make their presence known?"
Captured at Devil's Den by Jessica.  On a cold winter's day, with no one else around, we caught this EVP while climbing the rocks. You will hear the spirit respond, "Help help" after asking their name. It is very faint.
1/21/2013:  Also captured at Devil's Den, you can hear a spirit respond "HEY" after asking if there is anyone here with us.​
The last of our January Devil's Den outing, you can hear a spirit say "Yes" in response to the question, "​did you fall off of any of these rocks and break your neck?"
2/9/2013: At the Unknown Soldiers' Cemetery in Gettysburg, Jessica asked "Are there any spirits here with us today?"  You will here a ghostly "Sarah White" with an electrical tinge. Then whispering from another investigator.
On the same day, in the unknown section of the cemetery, Jessica asks "​Are you Confederate or Union?"  "Yes" is the reply.
An unknown voice joins in the conversation as one of our investigators explains the history of Sachs Bridge.
At the Grove, an After Dark investigator plays a drum call on an MP3 player. The last 3 drum beats are not part of the original drum call... It is a response from a lost spirit wandering The Grove!
Outside, on the grounds of an old Civil War field hopsital. You can't get clearer than this!  A southern voice says "... I got chills".  There were only 2 people present when this was recorded.​
Outside, on the grounds of an old Civil War field hospital. ​ In the distance you hear a whisper - "Its a guy...".  There were only 2 people around when this was recorded, and neither of them were speaking.
Outside, on the grounds of an old Civil War field hospital.  You can hear "red light" very clearly through the evening sounds.
Sach's bridge. You can hear a very distinct voice saying "French guy"...
At The Grove, when asked where the spirits were from, you hear a clear and loud response "born in San Witch a Taw"!
"Are you wounded?"  .... "yes"​
The spirits were shy this evening, but we still caught some interesting activity on our recorders. Here the guests introduce themselves. At around 9 seconds, you can hear the spirits responding very quietly after the last guest from Montana introduces himself.​
The spirits respond after asking, "Are you Afraid of the pigs?" It sounds like a hushed male voice. What do you think?
A chilling EVP caught by Faith Paranormal, a paranormal group who affiliates with After Dark. You can very clearly hear a child cry "That's Daddy!!!" Afterwards, an investigator shouted, "What the hell is that?" There were no children, only 4 adults. It takes place in a historic haunted mansion local to Gettysburg during on of our lockdown events!
This is a subtle EVP that answers "I don't know" after asking if it happened near Chambersburg Road.
Taken at Sach's bridge, a client asks "How did you die?"  The answer was, "Fire".  We later learned that we were standing in a field where an old house burned down. Scary!
Captured at the Grove, you can hear a spirit saying "Its cold over here..."  After listening back to it, we immediately confirmed with everyone at the session that no one spoke those words. We also had a lot of k2 activity and heard footsteps at the same time. 
Our frequent spirit Caroline made an appearance during our investigation. You can hear her say "Yes" at 21 seconds, followed by her name "Caroline" at 1:05. Chilling!!!
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